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Tinubu staggers in viral video at the 11th Arewa House lectures in Kaduna

Bola Tinubu Slumbs in Kaduna State

Bola Tinubu Staggers in Kaduna State

Tinubu has given most Nigerians another reason to talk as he trips during a lecture in Kaduna an incident that got the attention of many in and outside Nigeria.

Nigerian Politics Reports:

The All Progressives Congress national leader and former governor of Lagos state Bola Ahmed Tinubu slumped had slumped at the 11th annual Arewa House Lecture that held today at the Arewa House Banquet Hall in Kaduna.

Many dismissed the incident as an accident that could happen to anyone, others thought it put question marks on his rumored 2023 presidential ambition.

An emerging video capturing when Bola Tinubu had an accidental fall has got many Nigerians talking.

In the video shared by a Twitter user, Tinubu who chaired the event was moving behind the high table as he was officially flanked by participants and some security personnels when the fall occurred.

The cause of this fall was duely not ascertained as he was immediately assisted by the security personnels present.

The trending clip which has been viewed over 40k times got huge traction among Nigerians on Twitter. Many said the incident could happen to anyone while others thought it posed serious concerns on the state of his health ahead of the 2023 general elections he is rumored to contest in.

Watch the incident video on below:

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